For people just coming into the workforce one of the hardest things they encounter is finding entry-level employment.
Entry level jobs are harder to find as most companies are trying to find experienced tradespeople or workers for a specific industry, but there is still hope for those of you with little or no experience in a given section of the oilfield.

Most of the stories like this are typical: “I want to get enough money to go to college” or “I only want to work for a year and then do something else”. Oil jobs in North Dakota, specifically entry level oil and gas jobs, might seem harder to find, but that is likely because they are advertised less and not because there are fewer of them. Use the following tips if you can”t seem to find entry level employment:

Make sure that you apply to the HR department of the company. This would mean finding the website of the company(ies) that you are thinking about applying with, and taking a look around their website for either potential job openings or a general “contact us” or careers email address.

Post your resume on job boards. Often companies pay recruiting firms to search out resume”s that might be a good fit for the company, and can take people from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Make sure that your cover letter states that you are looking for a entry level job. Oil companies, drilling companies, service companies.. they all are expecting you to be applying for one specific job but if you put in your cover letter that you are willing to do just about anything to get a start they might be able to find a fit for you in their company.. and no one knows what jobs they have open better than the people who work in that department.

Make sure that you have a good quality cover letter! This cannot be stressed enough. Quite often this is really the only chance you have to make an impression, so don”t waste it by writing a sloppy of lazy letter to them. Point out what experience you have, how it could be transferred into this position, etc. Quite often people don”t realize how the previous experience (not only in work) can apply directly to the job they could be doing.. If you have a fair bit of public speaking then you likely will be good at dealing with crews of people eventually. Never discredit what you have done.

Pick up the phone. Often people go around and fire off as many resume”s as possible, and anyone hiring knows this all too well. Make a list of the companies you have applies with and what jobs you have applied for, then if you can get a phone number to contact someone make sure that you call back and check in. It shows that you want the job, and let them know you are open to other jobs. Whats the worst that can happen? Either they give you a job to shut you up or tell you to *@## off, and thats not very likely.

Hopefully this will help some of you land that first job in the oilfield. Keep in mind, it only takes one job to start a career in oil and gas. Most of the jobs that people go to AFTER the first one are by word of mouth.

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